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The Elm Street Program offers a national model for improving city neighborhoods. It establishes a 5-point approach: Design, Clean-Safe-Green, Economic Vitality, Promotion and Organization. 

SACA, with 40 years of success, is the platform for Lancaster's SouthEast Elm Street Movement. The South Duke Street Corridor will serve as the spine from which broader neighborhood success is achieved. The Linear Park will be colorful and fun year-round and build our brand as a vibrant, international neighborhood that is realizing an enduring universal connection.  It will be a clean, well-maintained district with exciting gateway features and an energized Linear Park.

Success on the South Duke Street Corridor will lead to success and greater home ownership within the entire SouthEast. Neighbors will work with other neighbors to implement highly visible projects in concentrated areas, focusing on tree planting, lighting, litter reduction and improving curb appeal of homes. This translates to solid home ownership and vitality.  


Meet Some Elm Street Movement Members

Pedro, resident artist

Pedro Aicho is a professional artist living in the SouthEast and has agreed to plunge his hands into the Movement's public arts initiative. Be on the lookout for creativity headed to the South Duke Street Corridor.

Jodie, Palm St. resident

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 Jodie Richardson has lived in the SouthEast since childhood and chairs the board of SACA Development. At Millersville, she helps struggling students succeed and is primed to do the same for our mile.

Luis, youth mentor

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Luis Torres, Executive Director of The Mix at Arbor Place, grew up in the SouthEast and knows how tough it can be. He devotes his life to helping youth attain the skills they need to be tomorrow's leaders.